Veal picanha

Product description

Veal meat, tumbled in a marinade of herbs and spices and heated sous vide in a vacuum package.

Product specifications

Product number:4089
Weight:Approximately 1,0 kg per vacuum package
Total weight:Approximately 8 kg per packaging box
Shelf life:18 months after packaging date. Store at -18┬░C.
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Heating both sides in a pan until the product is crispy.


Intermezzo Meat stands for quality. To guarantee this quality, we receive our fresh meat raw materials daily directly from certified slaughterhouses. Our products are prepared using innovative cooking and grilling techniques, so they retain their delicious taste and tenderness. The quality and safety of the products and processes is guaranteed through our IFS Food certification and our cooperation with strong and reliable (certified) suppliers and partners.


In addition to our large full-color boxes, there are also options for customer-specific smaller box variants.

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The benefits at a glance

Eenvoudige te bereiden

Easy to prepare by anyone

The products can be prepared quickly and easily using a convection oven or any other specific preparation method depending on the product.

Minimaal vijf maanden houdbaar

Minimum shelf life of 5 months fresh

Thanks to the unique sous vide preparation method, our products have a long shelf life without loss of taste or structure.

Gebruik van verse ingredi├źnten

The use of fresh raw material

We receive fresh meat raw materials directly from certified slaughterhouses on a daily basis.

Goede prijs-kwaliteitsverhouding

Good value for money

Because we have a good spread of suppliers and buy directly from only certified slaughterhouses, we can guarantee the best quality at a current and competitive price.

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